Dominic Welch

Dominic did not have a formal training in sculpture. Instead, having placed a speculative advert looking for an apprenticeship, he was fortunate to meet the sculptor Peter Randall-Page. He worked as an assistant to Peter for ten years, learning the craft of carving whilst developing his own ideas. For 12 years he has worked independently and has exhibited extensively in the UK, Australia, USA and Japan. Dominic is represented by Messums Fine Art, London.

The stones I love to work in – Kilkenny limestone, Ancaster Weatherbed, or marble from Carrara – have very little grain, so you can bring out the subtle, simple forms. For me, most important is the form. I’m quite haphazard about the way I find the form – completely by eye with little measuring. There’s no real knowing what’s right, but you get to a point where you think, OK, that works.

on form 16

on form 14

London 2013

on form 2012

on form 2010

on form 2008

on form 2006