Our 2022 fly-through is here!

    on form 21 fly through

    Give it all away by Pearl Diver

    Steve Atkinson – Froth (wall relief)

    Emma Elliott – Adam and Bee

    Mel Fraser – Ondine

    Mel Fraser introduces us to Ondine.

    on form 18 fly through

    Drone film of Asthall Manor during on form 18.

    on form 16 fly through

    Drone film of Asthall manor during on form 16.

    on form 18 installation

    In this short but beautiful film  (a little under 8 minutes)  John Milnes taks to curators, sculptors and gardeners during the installation of  on form 18.

    Mysterious Asthall – Short film for writing competition

    Short film made at Asthall Manor to launch the writing competition.