Alex Wenham – Standing stone II

    Alex Wenham presenting Standing stone II.

    Alex Wenham – Dodo standing stone

    Alex Wenham introducing us to his Dodo standing stone.

    Alex Wenham – Roctopus

    Alex Wenham introducing us to his Roctopus.

    Paul Vanstone – Timelapse in Studio

    Paul Vanstone carving in his studio.

    William Peers – in Quarry

    William Peers sourcing Marble in Italy.

    Vanessa Paschakarnis in her studio

    Vanessa Paschakarnis showing us how to split stone.

    Jason Mulligan – Tools of a Shaman

    Jason Mulligan in his studio presenting "Tools of a Shaman", made from Rosa aurora marble.

    Nicolas Moreton – Forbidden Fruits

    "Be aware of what you might find in the tree, because some fruits are not always healthy to eat..."

    Nicolas Moreton – Catching Natures Gift

    Nicolas Moreton presenting Catching Natures Gift, his goddess in weathered stone made specifically for on form 20 to fit our beautiful green valley going down to the river...

    Tom Waugh – Studio Visit

    Tom Waugh in his studio explaining us how to point.