Films & Videos

    Marcus Harris – Twisted and Yield

    Here, Marcus Harris tells curator Anna Greenacre about  Twisted and Yield, two sculptures in Carrara marble created for on form 20.

    Paul Vanstone – Aragon Head and Ebro Head

    Paul Vanstone introducing his two Spanish Alabaster sculptures, Aragon Head and Ebro Head.

    Jason Mulligan – “Below the Surface”

    Below the Surface is a short film by Jason Mulligan, about sourcing stone in Portugal for a new piece of work made for on form 20.

    Guy Stevens – “Stay inside”

    Beware. Little things move about in Guy Stevens’s sculpture studio.

    Guy Stevens – “One Day”

    A short time-lapse film showing how a sculpture is made.

    Will Spankie

    Will Spankie gives us an insight into his working practice.

    Tom Stogdon – “North or South”

    North or South? A close look at Tom Stogdon's extraordinary riverscape, made from slate and found objects.

    Peter Randall-Page – Pimples & Dimples

    Peter Randall-Page channels Rodin as he introduces on form curator Anna Greenacre to his new body of work.

    Tom Waugh – Do not stack, Big pharma and Squeeze

    Tom Waugh showing Anna Greenacre some of the sculpture he is making for on form 20, and talks about the ideas that inform his work.