mark stonestreet

Mark was born in Singapore in 1971. He studied sculpture at Newcastle Polytechnic, then travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and beyond, discovering different mediums and methods for carving. In 2004, Mark moved to Mamallapuram in India, a village of over 200 stone carving workshops. Mark spent the following four years working and living amongst the traditional Dravidian temple carvers of south India. His works can be found in private and public collections throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. He now works in his studio in Brighton and visits Mamallapuram each winter.

Mark has recently made the move to using more sustainably sourced stone recovered from closed factories and cutting shops. His work continues to investigate the possibilities of line and form, but in a new and spontaneous direction that relies mainly on intuition to guide his freehand carving. Working with negative space, light and shadow, Mark gives each of his sculpture’s direction and flow.

Carving is like doodling on the landscape. It’s all about line and pattern to describe the form and then gradually removing the form.

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