Guy Stevens

Guy completed a Fine Art degree at Chelsea School of Art in 1994. Guy’s work developed through multi-media projects, using video, photography, live performance and installation exploring the notion of self. In 2001, he taught himself to carve stone. Guy is an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, has undertaken a number of public art commissions and has works in private collections internationally.

I just have to get the thought out of my head and into something more solid. I cannot represent my ideas adequately by drawing or writing but I seem to be able to carve them. I cannot play an instrument - I wish I could - but if I hear a sound I can represent it with a shape in a stone. I am interested in the rhythm of a thing, how one repeated action can release an idea that can then be seen, touched and experienced with all our senses.

I think that dust is always going to be my friend.

on form 18

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London 2013

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