Mel Fraser

Mel Fraser is a self taught sculptor specialising in stone. She has worked from a variety of studios in and around Cambridge since the mid nineties. She is equally at home working on abstract or figurative pieces. Mel has worked in Carrara and Pietrasanta in Italy, at the quarries and stone yards in Kilkenny, Ireland and has a long collaboration with members of the Shona tribe from Zimbabwe.

Her work is held by collectors all over the world and a recent commission saw her work installed in Frank Gehry’s Opus Building in Hong Kong.

In December 2015, she finished working on a larger than life-sized piece of 3 figures in Kilkenny limestone for one of the country’s largest trade unions, the GMB.

The light and the dark. The space between. Twilight. The creative space.

A moment to let the mind go free. To explore. Here there are no boundaries to confine the process that when fuelled becomes a ball of fire. A force that knows no limits.

Stepping into a new discovery, a new language. Territory explored by many before. Surface textures, distortion. The excitement of exploration.

From dusk until the dawn, ever changing lights play within our experience. Light and shadow fall on opposing textures, from smooth silks to rough hewn rock. Ancient civilisations look to the sun to begin their ceremonies. None can be contrived. It is a gift.

on form 16

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