Nicolas Moreton

Nicolas Moreton's sculpture, whether botanical or human in inspiration, transcends the boundary between abstract and figurative. Nicolas uses the vocabulary of the stone to add to the narrative of each piece. Figures of women blend into flowers or corkscrew into curvaceous and swelling forms. With such mischievous sensuality, Nicolas’s sculptures seem to reach far back in time. Carving these ancient figures, bulbous pieces of fruit and growing forms, Nicolas captures what was once an ancient preoccupation with survival, longevity and nourishment.  

Nicolas has been sculpting for 25 years since obtaining his degree from Wolverhampton University. He has exhibited throughout the UK, including The Royal Academy, Chelsea Flower Show and more recently at Messum’s in London. In 1995 he became an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. In 2006 Nicolas won the prestigious Brian Mercer International Fellowship Award to Italy and in 2010 he won the People’s Choice Award at the National Sculpture Exhibition in Liverpool.  

Nicolas Moreton is a modern master of the medium of stone-carving but with a strong sense of trafition - Tim Marlow, Artistic Director of the Royal Academy. 

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