jason mulligan

Originally from Northern Ireland, Jason Mulligan studied Sculpture at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle Upon Tyne. In 1994 he met and worked with the Japanese stone carver and Henry Moore Fellow, Hideo Furuta. Jason first visited the marble quarries in Carrara in 1996. Now based in Kent, Jason is an elected member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. His work is held in collections in the USA, Canada, Norway and across Europe and the UK. He exhibits in both group and solo exhibitions with a variety of larger public works on display throughout the UK and Eire.

This new body work for on form 22 has evolved through research on devotional and cultural objects. The intention is to explore a variety of pure, simplistic forms while still incorporating my own personal visual language. The recurring carved wings, blades, sails, furrows and folds create objects that are imbued with spiritual values with their primary focus intended for personal contemplation. I like to think that the work you are creating is a result of a dialogue and of a life lived.

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