Jordi Raga Frances

Jordi Raga Frances is moving towards a more organic line of work, investigating relationships in the natural world. He explores the growth of plants and corals, as a slow silent process, in contrast with the human dynamics of noise and pressure. The same tranquillity is evident in his two pieces inspired by the river Windrush. These site-specific sculptures pay homage to the river as it winds past Asthall Manor and offer a deep emotional link for Jordi to a place he first visited a decade ago. 

“I try to disappear, to detach from what I’m doing and become not the centre but some sort of canal into the relationships that are happening there.” 

Born in Valencia in 1979, Jordi studied arts in Spain, Italy and Greece, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a scholarship to study marble sculpture in Carrara in 2001. He moved to France to work on heritage restoration, and found a way of living and travelling that took him to the Acropolis and later to England, where he worked on both Gloucester and Canterbury Cathedrals. Jordi’s work has been seen in public and private collections around the world. He is based in Oxfordshire.  

on form 18

on form 16

on form 14

London 2013

on form 2012