Jordi Raga

Born in Valencia in 1979, Jordi  Raga studied arts in Spain, Italy and Greece, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a scholarship to study marble sculpture in Carrara in 2001.  He moved to France to learn about architecture and heritage restoration and found a way of living that took him to the Acropolis of Athens and later to England, where he worked on both Gloucester and Canterbury Cathedrals. Jordi’s work is part of public and private collections around the world. Currently he lives and works in Oxfordshire.

Jordi’s work oscillates between two points: an intuitive fascination with the natural world – living processes, physical dynamics, geological tensions – and an exploration of concepts and myths that he finds within his own personal, social and cultural experience. The result is a myriad of forms and textures, striving to connect the transcendental with the immanent present.

What I am doing transcends the pure enjoyment of carving stone or finding a particular form. There’s an ambition to understand and communicate my intellectual, emotional and physical realities through the experience of space.

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