jantien kahn

The delicate chisel work on each of Jantien Kahn’s sculptures is painstakingly and meticulously finished by hand. She carefully works the surfaces of her sculptures, exposing the sinuous geological faults and naturally occurring veins and splits within the stone. Jantien is able to project the stately qualities of the stone, connecting hardness with softness and liberating the hidden, tempting us to touch these unconventional and organic forms.

For on form 20 Jantien presents a new series of four sculptures by the name mirage and six other brand new pieces that stand out as perfect examples of her innate ability to reveal the inner character of stone. Followers of Jantien’s work will recognise a natural evolution from her previous body of work ‘paysage humain’. Her journey continues, exploring the themes of groundedness with mobility. This theme of movement, balance and counterbalance is playfully explored in the subsequent ‘luchtspiegeling’ (mirage) series.

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