Jantien Kahn

Jantien Kahn, a Dutch sculptor, works alternately in Amsterdam and in Brittany. In tandem with her Art Therapy studies, Jantien took stone sculpture classes with various Dutch stone sculptors. Since 2003, she has been sculpting full-time. Jantien’s sculptures can be found in private collections throughout Europe.

The delicate chisel work on each of Jantien’s sculptures is meticulously done by hand. She carefully works the surfaces of her sculptures, exposing the stately qualities of the stone. For on form 22, Jantien presents new pieces that stand out in their diversity of structures and ways of finishing. She has continued to explore expressing and transforming themes in nature and her personal life, into unconventional organic forms and quiet, compelling sculptures.

Traces of time, growth and loss form a central theme in my work. In an abstract way my
sculptures speak about the succession of generations and the connection between past, present and future. To me sculpting in stone is about liberation: making visible what is hidden, revealing what is inside, whilst connecting softness with hardness, strength with vulnerability. 

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