Jordi Raga

I study in the process of reduction the relation between proportions, scale and material as a way to understand space and the order in which human perception alters according to its structure and disposition.

My current focus is to explore geometrical principles of nature, and concepts of physical action such as attraction, tension or pressure, in a process of meditative analysis open to experiment and intuition.

Born in Valencia, Jordi studied Arts in Spain, Italy, Mexico and Greece, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in his hometown and receiving a scholarship to study marble sculpture in Carrara, Italy. After moving to France to work on heritage restoration he found a way of living, travelling and meeting new cultures that greatly influenced his artistic output, taking him to the Acropolis and later to England, where he worked on both Gloucester and Canterbury Cathedrals.

Jordi’s work has been seen in public and private collections around the world. He is currently based in London.

on form 18

on form 16

on form 14

London 2013

on form 2012