Jantien Kahn

Carefully working the surfaces of her sculptures, Jantien Kahn exposes the beautiful geological faults, veins and splits within the stone. The delicately chiselled grooves on each sculpture are painstakingly and meticulously finished by hand, revealing a pliability and vivacity that is utterly unique to her work. Using the cyclical movements ever present in the seasons and the tides of the sea as inspiration, Jantien is able to project the regal qualities of the stone, connecting hardness with softness and liberating the hidden. With such a profound understanding of the limits of her materials, Jantien explores unconventional and organic forms, using the stone to express movement, evolution and renewal.

Jantien Kahn works and lives alternately in Amsterdam and Brittany. Whilst studying Art Therapy, Jantien took sculpture classes with Dutch stone sculptors: Cissy van der Wel, Adriaan Seelen and Gerard van Rooij. Since deciding to make sculpting her profession, she has continued to develop her skills and deepen her knowledge of design, through both apprenticeship with stonemason Jan Nelissen and participation in a masterclass on stone sculpting, as well as everyday practice in her own studio. Her work can be found in private collections in both Holland and abroad.


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