Jantien Kahn

Jantien Kahn was born in 1972, and works and lives in Amsterdam and Brittany. She learned sculpture from various Dutch stone sculptors from 1996-2000, alongside studies in art therapy. She developed her skills and deepened her knowledge of design through practice in her own studio and participation in a stone sculpting masterclass. Over the years, her work has been placed in private collections both in Holland and abroad. Jantien now works full-time as a sculptor.
Jantien finds inspiration in nature and in the expression of personal themes. In a very abstract way, Jantien’s work tells us about generations succeeding one another, about growing up, and about the connection between past, present and future.

The essence is ongoing movement, evolution. My work always revolves around the process of constant change and renewal. Nature renews itself and develops; with every change, something of the previous stage is kept. Stone has its own pace which time or the hand that works it cannot unduly force. This pace suits my rhythm perfectly, bringing a sense of both tranquillity and determination to my work.


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