ben russell

Ben Russell originally trained in stone conservation and then as an architectural stone carver and worked throughout London on a variety of prestigious projects before returning to West Dorset to set up his studio and get back to his roots. Now focusing solely upon his own work, his pieces can be found in private collections throughout the UK along with Hong Kong, Canada and Europe.

Ben’s practice is fuelled by the wondrous world of fungi, plants and the wood wide web that connects them beneath our feet. Drawing inspiration from his experiences with the grown world as a child he seeks to bring these unsung heroes to light as seen in his mind’s eye. This year, Ben’s work was all made specially for on form and delves deeper into the enticing forms of the magic mushroom.

It feels ever more important to me to reconnect with the forms that enthralled me growing up. By creating these sculptures, I feel closer to nature and myself and hope to awaken this feeling in others.