Ben Russell

Inspired by the dark and mystical Dorset countryside, Ben Russell explores the remarkable forms of fungi, using alabaster and marble to capture their unearthly, translucent shapes. For centuries fungi have been the focus of many superstitious beliefs and traditions. Often associated with fairy folktales, Ben explores their darker side, using the stone to create twisted, undulating silhouettes to reveal their ancient mysticism. These sculptural forms of fungi lend themselves beautifully to the texture and quality of the stones that Ben uses - their carved, polished formations emerging from the rough exterior within. Focusing on the dynamics of light, shadow and reflection, Ben creates a body of work that cultivates a true sense of wonder and enchantment, with each sculpture being as unique as the fungi themselves.

Ben Russell is a stone carver, letter cutter and restorer. He trained in Applied Architectural Stonework and Conservation at Weymouth College in Dorset and then went on to train in Historic Carving at the City and Guilds of London Art School. Since graduating, Ben has worked throughout London on numerous historic facades and monuments. He recently had an exhibition, ‘The Cactus House’ at the Hignell Gallery in London. Ben now lives in Dorset.

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