Anthony Turner

Anthony Turner was born in Kenya in 1959 and home was on a coffee farm until he was seventeen. Early influences include two meticulous Kikuyu craftsmen - Charles the carpentry teacher at school in Nairobi, and Macharia the farm carpenter - and much underwater swimming on the coral reefs near Malindi. Anthony came to England for secondary school and studied psychology at Exeter university. He assisted master sculptor Peter Randall-Page for four years before carving his own work from 1994. He has held two solo exhibitions at the Sladmore Contemporary gallery in London - ‘Totem Handscapes’ (2013) and ‘Little Mysteries’ (2015) - and has shown work in all the on form exhibitions. In January he took part in the Te Kupenga stone carving Symposium in New Zealand. He lives and works on Dartmoor in Devon.

There's a regenerative fertility at work in our world's life cycles and growth patterns and this miraculous energy is mostly what my work celebrates. I have always been interested by lines and by the shape of things, in curves, slopes, and angles and their subtle meanings - and the endless variations of the human face. I like stone for its simplicity, its density, and its durability. I imagine us all living harmoniously in a co-operative paradise so I search for signs in universal and timeless language. I see a lot of meaning in a bean.

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