Anthony Turner

Anthony Turner’s work is a remarkable contemplation of the nourishing abundance of the natural world. Seeds, bean pods and berries begin to emerge from within the stone, capturing a sense of their regenerative potential. All symbols of fertility, growth and transformation, these budding forms also celebrate the metamorphic properties of the stone itself. Using its natural shapes to guide his work, there is a wonderful interplay of stippled and smooth surfaces within his sculptures, carefully illuminating the stone’s own landscape. Carved with joyful and effervescent energy, Anthony’s sculptures superbly capture the delicacy and integrity with which he works.

Anthony Turner was born in Kenya in 1959 and lived on a coffee farm until he was seventeen. Early influences include two meticulous Kikuyu craftsmen - Charles the carpentry teacher at school in Nairobi, and Macharia the farm carpenter. Anthony came to England for secondary school and studied psychology at Exeter University. He worked as an assistant to the sculptor Peter Randall-Page for four years to learn skilled stone carving and began carving his own work in 1994. With his main workshop in the Teign Valley on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, Anthony also works in an old cowshed in Oxfordshire. Anthony’s next exhibition will be in March 2018 at the Sladmore Contemporary gallery in London.

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