2021 exhibition

on form unlocked will run from Sunday, 2 May to Monday, 31 May. This will be a different experience from our traditional midsummer show: gentler and less busy, as befits the times we are living in, but as welcoming, inspirational and beautiful as ever. 

Visitors must book an entry time in advance; we will not admit drop-ins this year. You are given an hour during which you may enter, and we have a relaxed policy about how long you stay. Most people stay between one and three hours.

Special events will be detailed here.

The Potting Shed café will be open for drinks and cakes (no lunches this year) on the same days as the exhibition. You can come and go between the exhibition and the café.

Plan your visit here.

After a successful online exhibition in 2020, we can’t wait to introduce this extraordinarily good collection of sculpture in stone to the magical meanderings of Asthall. 

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Sculptors: if you would like to be part of on form in future, please read our guidelines here.