ben russell

Ben’s work sits somewhere between representational and abstract. He hopes to capture something of the way in which he saw the grown environment as a child. Roots have been a major theme in Ben’s recent work, as he continues to explore organic forms alongside ideas from woodland folklore. Much of his new work shows intertwining roots confined within hard, almost architectural forms, limited by the block they are carved from, or even tied in a knot. This represents the way trees and green areas are shrinking while we “progress” as a race.

I hope through my work to encourage people to question our place on the planet and think about how we need to respect nature in order to survive as a species.

Ben is a stone carver, letter cutter and restorer. He trained in Applied Architectural Stonework and Conservation at Weymouth College in Dorset and then went on to train in Historic Carving at the City and Guilds of London Art School. Since graduating, Ben has worked throughout London on numerous historic facades and monuments. In 2019, he was a finalist in the National Sculpture Prize. He lives and works in Dorset.