guy stevens

Guy’s work is playful and often spiky, with soul. He tries to resist the recognisable, and yet within each sculpture there is always some part of an unintended object or creature. He often does not know what the result of his carving will be, allowing echoes of forms to move in and out of focus in the stone as he works.

I am interested in the rhythm of a thing, how one repeated action can release an idea that can then be seen, touched and experienced with all our senses.

Guy completed a Fine Art degree at Chelsea School of Art in 1994. His work developed through multimedia projects using video, photography, live performance and installation as he explored the notion of self. In 2001, he taught himself to carve stone and has been carving ever since. Guy is an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, has undertaken several public art commissions and has works in private collections internationally.

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