nicolas moreton

Nicolas’s sculpture, whether botanical or human in inspiration, blurs the boundary between abstract and figurative. Figures of women blend into flowers or corkscrew into curvaceous and swelling forms. With such mischievous sensuality, Nicolas’s sculptures seem to reach far back in time and yet stand firm in the present. Carving these figures, bulbous pieces of fruit and growing forms, Nicolas captures what was once an ancient preoccupation with survival, longevity and nourishment. For on form 20 Nicolas has created a seated woman, The Windrush Deity, carved by hand in Ancaster weatherbed limestone. With her arms raised to the sky, this monumental sculpture celebrates the fertility of life connecting heaven to earth.

Nicolas has been working stone for nearly 35 years since obtaining his fine art degree from Wolverhampton University. He became an elected member of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 1995. He has exhibited extensively in the UK, including the Discerning Eye, Royal Academy and at the Chelsea Flower Show. He continues to undertake private and public commissions, the most recent being at Blackrock, Dublin.

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