Kim Francis

Kim Francis first trained as a jeweller in London. Through working in bronze casting foundries in the U.K and the USA, she developed as a sculptor. She has focused on stone sculpture for many years, and now lives and works in Gloucestershire.

I look to celebrate, both viscerally and emotionally, forces of elegance, beauty, and menace experienced through myself as a woman, and appearing as form in the natural world.

When I carve stone, a negotiation occurs somewhere between the tools, the apparent stability and the inherent mutability of the stone - shaping material which, over millennia, is constantly evolving.

These pebbles have been weathered, smoothed, and shaped over millions of years into precious objects.

In this collection I've sought to preserve and honour the perfection of their round forms, which bear testament to the length of their evolution. When combined with other materials they mutate to become objects of both desire and aversion.

on form 16

on form 14