Alyosha Moeran

This year at on form 18,  Alyosha  Moeran  is showing his lithophones, which visitors can strike to explore the way in which sound and stone intertwine. Alyosha illuminates the natural tone and harmony of rock, making use of the negative spaces within these melodious sculptures. He also creates bulbous pomegranate seeds and fern-like shapes, embodying all his sculptures with a sense of life, rhythm and energy.  

"The process of carving stone is like a kind of active dreaming. The material has a density, an unforgiving nature and sense of permanence, but the work I do is more about trying to convey an idea of transformation, of fragility and lightness.  

Alyosha  was brought up in Japan and moved to the UK at 13. He read History at Cambridge before discovering stone carving, and has worked variously as a dry stone waller, restoration carver, letter-carver and sculptor. He trained in stonemasonry at the Building Crafts College and later in architectural stone carving at the City and Guilds London School of Art in 1996.  Alyosha  has since undertaken Public Art Commissions across the UK. He now works at his studio in East Sussex. 

on form 18

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