Aly Brown

Aly Brown’s semi-figurative sculptures seem to emerge gracefully from the blocks of stone she uses. The flowing, curvilinear lines of her carving reveal the fluidity of shape, encapsulating the sensual energy inherent within the female form. Each form seems to be captured in a singular moment, frozen within the stillness of the stone and yet unmistakably alive, pulsating with vitality. With such a sensitive and dynamic approach to sculpting, Aly not only reveals the plasticity of the stone, transforming our preconceived understanding of such an inflexible medium, but transforms the rock into beautiful works of art.  

"I began collecting stones as a child whenever I went to a beach or along a river bank and that has continued all my life. I trip over the samples and there are not enough shelves left in my house and studio to place them on!"  

Her career as a sculptor began at Heatherley’s Art School as a mature student. It was in the second year of her sculpting diploma that her passion for carving began. Aly now works in her studio in London. 

on form 18

on form 16

on form 14

London 2013

on form 2012