Aly Brown

Aly Brown’s career as a sculptor began with a diploma at Heatherley’s Art School, which she attended as a mature student. In her second year, she discovered her passion for stone carving and has been doing it ever since. She currently works at her studio in London.

Aly’s previous work has taken in the female form and various organic shapes in semi-figurative modes. Recently, she has discovered petrified wood, formed over millions of years when woody stems of plants are buried in wet sediments.  The lack of oxygen slows the decay of the wood, allowing minerals to fill void spaces within it.  Aly has also recently visited the Jurassic coast where she found limestone with calcite and petrified wood embedded in the blocks.

I began collecting stones as a child whenever I went to a beach or along a river bank and that has continued all my life.  I always feel it is an honour to work in stone that has been around for millions of years, and to have the chance to reveal the beauty within each piece.