aly brown

Aly’s previous work has taken in the female form and various organic shapes in semi-figurative modes. Recently, she has begun to develop her coral forms, working in both marble and alabaster for a variety of representations of her subject. The flowing, curvilinear lines of her carving reveal the fluidity of shape, encapsulating the energy inherent within. Each form seems to be captured in a singular moment, frozen within the stillness of the stone and yet unmistakably alive, pulsating with vitality.

I began collecting stones as a child whenever I went to a beach or along a river bank and that has continued all my life.  My snorkelling trip to Indonesia ignited my fascination with corals and nudibranchs and inspired a new series of works for on form 20.

Aly’s career as a sculptor began with a diploma at Heatherley’s Art School, which she attended as a mature student. In her second year, she discovered her passion for stone carving and has been doing it ever since. She currently works at her studio in London.