alison munby

Alison Munby’s sculptures engage in notions of balance, movement and nature. These sensitively rendered works create dynamic and intricate surfaces. Continually inspired by mathematical patterns like the Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio and pi, familiar forms such as a woodlouse or a fir cone are pushed in new directions, using geometric patterns to stand in for their traditional shape. Instinctively recognisable, Alison uses the timeless quality of the stone to produce sculptures of great beauty, manifesting a connection with the natural world.
Alison has had no formal training in sculpture but has long held an interest in stone carving. While working in the office at on form 14, an opportunity arose to try stone sculpting at a workshop with fellow exhibitor, Guy Stevens. Inspired and encouraged by other on form sculptors and the curators, Anna and Rosie, Alison was sponsored by on form to attend Dartmoor Arts Project 2015 run by Peter Randall-Page and tutored by David Brampton-Greene. Since then Alison has had several exhibitions across the UK. This is her first year exhibiting at on form as a sculptor.