Lucy Unwin

In Lucy Unwin's work, beautiful, organic curves begin to emerge from the rock, achieving the natural arches and spirals of perfectly preserved fossils. These shapes, serving as archetypal signs of prehistoric life, are also a celebration of the marble itself, revealing the intricate veins and splits of colour inherent to the stone. In one work, Lucy shows the positive and negative sides of a fossil, the roughness and innate irregularities of the boulder sitting side by side with the carefully and painstakingly polished inside. By focusing on these enduring, natural forms, Lucy excavates the fossils from the stone, working from the outside in to reveal the subtle layers of time within. 

Lucy was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and grew up in East Anglia. She studied Fine Art Sculpture at Winchester School of Art before spending time carving in Pietrasanta, Italy. Lucy has exhibited in the UK and Sweden and sold work to both public and private collections across Europe, America and the Caribbean. Her work has been exhibited in the Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibition in 2016. Her studio is in Northleach, Gloucestershire.

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