Aly Brown

Aly began collecting stones as a child whenever she went to a beach or along a river bank. She still does. Aly’s introduction to stone carving was at Heatherley’s Art School in the second year of her sculpting Diploma, where her passion for carving began.

Aly often creates forms that merge abstract and figurative elements. She wants them to look pliable and fluid, reflecting the stones’ original, molten form.

When working in stone she focuses on giving priority to nature, exploring it rather than exploiting it.

I have created my seven bird forms of marble, each representing a continent on earth. My stones will stand in harmony with nature and remind us of the cycles of gradual and beautiful change. They move in solemn, magical silence, untainted by war, destruction and hatred. My stones, however hard, will bend with time, leaning towards the peacefulness of an olive tree.

on form 16

on form 14

London 2013

on form 2012