Thyme at the Potting Shed - a dream come true

June 23, 2012

For years, we’ve been loving the charm of our old potting shed, and wondering what kind of new life would suit it. We thought we might have been just a little bit mad to think about using it as a cafe. But we had to solve a problem: everyone who visited on form in 2010 wished for somewhere to eat, but we didn’t want to spoil the aesthetics of the exhibition by putting up a marquee in the main garden. Now, with the brilliant inspiration of the team from Thyme at Southrop, we have exactly what we needed: a magical, charming informal spot to eat, drink, talk to friends and strangers, browse our catalogue, talk about the sculpture and admire four sculptures in the potting shed field by Paul Vanstone, Frederic Chevarin and Anthony Turner. Oh, and our compost loo is much admired, too.