One week in

June 23, 2012

In our first week, despite challenging weather, we’ve had over a thousand visitors, sold almost half of our sculpture, run a wonderful Kum Nye yoga morning and entertained our visitors with informal talks by half a dozen different artists and our head gardener. Our online visitors book (accessed from the home page) is a joy to wake up to. Here are some of the comments:
Extraordinary sense of generosity in this place….I dont have the words to convey its spirit . The visual joys, the tactile stone and the glorious garden slipping into timeless landscape create a rare feeling of harmony. Thrilling works of art….
It might have rained, but I’ve been smiling all day.
The most amazing and rewarding sculpture exhibition I have ever seen. The quality catalogue alone is worth the very reasonable entry price. The food in the “potting shed” cafe is wonderful.