Alex Wenham

Alex Wenham’s sculptures are sharp, technical and witty. Using his extensive
knowledge and experience in draughtsmanship, stonemasonry and restoration, Alex
creates pieces that are architectural as well as decorative. His works are like
forgotten ecclesiastical treasures, infusing the modern with the medieval. But these
works are also playful; his Hare and Tortoise waterspouts infuse traditional stone
carving with a beloved, and ancient fable. Alex also uses exotic animals to interact
with architecture; a monkey perches on what could be the top of a church spire,
inquisitively looking out.

Alex graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2000 and lived in France for eight
years before returning to the UK. He specialises in architectural stone carving,
restoration of stone carvings, statuary and letter cutting. He has restored some of the
most prestigious buildings in both the UK and France, including St Paul’s Cathedral,
The Houses of Parliament, The Louvre and St Pancras Station. In May 2018, Alex came
first in the European Stone Festival, winning the top prize for the fourth time in the last
four years. His studio is in Oxford.

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