richard strachey

Born in 1950 on the Mendip hills, Richard studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Arts. During the holidays Richard worked for a local stonemasonry business. After leaving college, he worked as a conservator, mason and carver on many historic buildings including Wells, Truro and Bristol cathedrals. His workshop is in Devon.

Richard Strachey’s work shows pastoral scenes of corn waving in the wind or cows standing under a cloudy sky. Richard gets to know each piece of stone before he carves it: its ragged shape, its colour, density and hardness. The geological history and shape of the stone becomes an intrinsic part of the carving. He sources stone from reclamation yards, and some of the granites at on form probably had a former life on the railways. Thoughtful, delicate and utterly delightful, Richard’s work perfectly captures the beauty and charm of the English countryside.

The motifs for the pieces are mainly taken from my back garden. The works are about attempts to revisit small moments of unity between myself and the natural world.  I carve to keep me slow.