ko yamazaki

Ko’s approach to sculpture involves a fluidity that allows the piece to unfold during its creation; he hopes to find a new three dimensional language in harmony with the stone’s personality. Mainly using black or white marble for its boldness, Ko explores the way in which dramatic contrasts in textures on the material’s surface create a sense of movement in the static form. Kakukaku, meaning a repetitive movement or an object with more than two corners, is made up of many square pieces, all joined in a central core. The subtle movement created in the face of the carved angles represents humanity, essentially ‘one’ but never stationary, each of us opposing, shifting, trying to find our place in the world. Other sculptures capture paper in its various manifestations, reminding us that paper provides solace and true moments alone, moments not fractured by distraction on screens.

I think of my sculpture as unfinished inventories; fragments of my mind. Carving stone and feeling its contours is a true extension of the mind’s eye.

Studying in both Paris and California gave Ko the opportunity to travel around Europe and the US. He engaged with a multitude of techniques and was able to explore his relationship to both Western and Eastern art. He has exhibited all around the world and now divides his time between Kyoto and Pietrasanta, Italy.

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