jason mulligan

An ingenious negotiation of the ancient and the contemporary, Jason’s inspirations include prehistoric tools and archaeological archetypes. There is a sense of vigour and character in each sculptural encounter. Jason’s new body of work for on form 20 explores research around notions of healing and ritual with an emphasis on the use of plants and the natural environment as a means of survival. The winged folds in the stone of each abstract tribal figure overlap, creating the illusion of movement and dance, just like the ritualistic objects and costumes of a modern shaman, while the suggestion of multiple blades play with forms associated with agricultural ploughs used to furrow the soil in preparation for planting.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Jason studied Fine Art sculpture at the University of Northumbria. In 1994 he worked with the Japanese stone carver and Henry Moore Fellow, Hideo Furuta. Jason made his first trip to the marble quarries of Carrara in Italy in 1996, assisting the British stone sculptor, Paul Mason. Jason’s work is held in collections in the USA, Canada, Norway, France and the UK. He exhibits in both group and solo exhibitions with a variety of larger public works on display throughout the UK and Eire. He now works and lives in Kent.

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