Christine Madies

Christine Madies was born in 1960 in Paris. Originally a social worker, she studied sculpture during her spare time in Lyon. In 1992 Christine went to live in Pietrasanta in order to work with marble more extensively. She has participated in many international sculpture symposiums, mainly in China and has exhibited in several countries. She currently works in Italy and France and her sculptures are in both public and private collections throughout the world.

Christine Madies explores fluidity, looking at the way stone can behave as a liquid substance. Waves and bubbles appear on the surface of her sculptures, as if some invisible forces were at work, distorting the stone’s structure and transforming the very core of its matter. These bubbles and waves seem to ripple slowly across the surface, creating an illusion of movement and tranquillity. From solid to liquid, gravity to lightness, static to animated, such are some of the remarkable metamorphoses found within Christine’s sculpture.