anne cecile surga

Anne Cecile’s works can be understood as elaborations of emotional reactions to societal issues. Subjects that she explores through sculpture include the challenges that women face in their private lives and the dialogue between trauma and identity. Her current series of marble blocs with hand traces is inspired in part by a visit to Auschwitz.

Born in France in 1987, Anne Cecile is on form’s 2020 bursary winner for sculptors under 35. She developed an interest in art during childhood; the rules of composition and anatomy she learned at school have played an important part in her artistic development. She began to study sculpture at an evening class while at business school. She then moved to New York graduating with a Masters in Art History from Christie’s Education, and then went to Uruguay, where she learned how to cut marble. Anne Cecile has won several prizes for her work and her sculptures have been shown internationally. In 2015, she opened a studio in the Pyrenees where she now lives and works. Her work was recently featured on the French television channel, France 3.

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