Tom Waugh

At first glance, Tom Waugh’s sculptures look familiar. Everyday objects such as cardboard boxes or cigarette butts appear squashed, wrinkled and crumpled: discarded after being used. But these hyperrealist sculptures are in fact carved from stone and marble, creating a fascinating juxtaposition between the beauty and value of the materials used and the worthless items that they now represent. On each sculpture, Tom records and preserves every bump, crease and indentation, carefully capturing the minute imprints of human use. Much like an oil painter, depicting the rich fabric of a dress, say, Tom enriches the texture of his pieces, carefully constructing the folds of corrugated cardboard or the wrinkles of taut plastic. But it is these essential details that make the works so intensely powerful. Questions are raised about human consumption, encouraging the viewer to think more keenly about the space we are left to inhabit. By masterfully transforming everyday objects into engaging pieces of art, Tom gives his sculptures numerous possibilities of definition and function and a life we never knew they possessed.

Tom Waugh is an accomplished British sculptor and Architectural Stone Carver based in Somerset. He started work as a Stonemason in Bristol in 2000 and went on to study Stone Carving at the City and Guilds of London Art School where he was awarded a First. In 2007, Tom worked for Peter Page-Randall on the ‘Seed’ sculpture for the Eden Project. He has taken on a variety of public commissions and now works on a wide range of projects including public art, historic building conservation and architectural sculpture replacement.Tom is the 2018 winner of the Rise Art Prize.

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