Working with charities


31st May 2018

on form is supporting the Oxford based charity Kestrel Theatre Company this year. Kestrel works creatively with people in local prisons to facilitate original work, mostly for filmed or live performance.  Kestrel knows the arts are a tool to free the imagination for people of all ages and backgrounds but it is especially vital for prisoners, confined in a closed environment with a severely limited range of experiences in their daily lives. The arts touch parts of the heart and mind that need awakening if people are to expand their lives both within prison walls and when they get out. It is a key to change and ultimately the pride in what they achieve gives them hope for a brighter future free from reoffending.

Kestrel will be in St Nicholas Church from Wednesday 27 June until Sunday 1 July to talk about the work that they do. Do come and ask questions and listen to some of the work that the men have created.