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6th August 2013

Stone sculpture is weird. The words conjure up old English churches and images of an ice sculpture festival without the fun. In reality, one quick look at onform will tell you something different. It’s Britain’s most acclaimed stone sculpture exhibition for a reason and it’s also the only one of its kind. After a series that ran in Oxfordshire, housed in a fittingly smart manor, the exhibition comes to the capital for the first time. Find 29 sculptors on show, with new and established talent. The names of the likes of Bridget McCrum and Peter Randall-Page will mean more to some Londoners than others, but the work on show is varied, and startlingly impressive. Held in the fitting Crypt Gallery (quickly becoming one of our favourite exhibition spaces), it’s raw nature, in two ways. Find out how interesting the earth can be when man plays with it.