Evening Standard – “Touch, but don’t take St Pancras’s sculpture”


6th October 2013

A sight for commuters’ sore eyes on Marylebone Road — a crop of sculptures has arrived at St Pancras Church crypt and gardens. They are part of the Onform biennale show, usually held in the grounds of Asthall Manor in Oxfordshire, once the home of the Mitford sisters, but this year also taking a month’s sojourn in London.

Visitors are encouraged to feel the works by sculptors including Simon Hitchens and Lucy Unwin. The exhibition’s curator Anna Greenacre noted shouts of approval from passers-by as the pieces were installed, while Onform’s founder Rosie Pearson applauds stone for both its aesthetic and handy functions.

“Stone is made to be touched,” she says. “Time is embedded in stone, it has its own smell and, best of all, it virtually cannot be stolen because no one could possibly carry it off.”

Evening Standard