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Seeing the Light, painting workshop with Kieran Stiles

18th June - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

This acrylic painting workshop focusses on how to describe light in a garden painting.

By restricting the use and depiction of light areas in a composition, it is possible to heighten their appearance. Lighter areas can also be exaggerated further by artificially reducing the tonal pitch of the surrounding areas. In the image, you can see the very green background provides a strong contrast for the few lighter brush marks of the sunlight on the lawn to appear to burst to life.

We will be working from photographs and (if the weather is good) from direct observation of the gardens of Asthall Manor.

The workshop fee is £85.00 and includes exhibition entry, catalogue, tea, coffee and biscuits, but does not include lunch (1-2 pm).

To book, email: [email protected]

Kieran is currently offering online tutoring. You can still enjoy being creative online with small group workshops, individual tuition, or a demonstration film can be emailed to you.    

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