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Francesca Shakespeare, Painting workshop

20th June 2020

We are confident that this workshop will go ahead, following social distancing guidelines, and with participants bringing their own materials. Email [email protected] to book. Please note there will not be sculpture in the garden. 

This workshop will be based on Francesca’s teaching method for ‘on the spot’ painting: the three Ss: Select, Simplify, Structure


  • SELECT– the day will start with a wander around the exhibition and gardens doing fast thumbnails sketches, taking photos and just looking and absorbing.
  • SIMPLIFY– we will then look at what we have gathered, working out how to distil the elements of the landscape that mean something to us; be it trees, sculptures, long views or close-ups
  • STRUCTURE– we will develop these findings into strong and simple compositions and then return to paint on the spot – responding to the light to give our artworks form and structure.

You will be encouraged to be experimental in your approach, building up colour and texture to create lively surfaces held together by well selected, simplified and structured compositions.

For those who want to work more independently, there will be as little or as much interaction as desired. This workshop is appropriate for all levels, including ‘beginners’.

Please bring any paint (oil, gouache, poster, watercolour), crayons, collage materials or anything else that makes marks!

You will also need drawing materials and things to paint and draw on like paper, boards or canvas. Some additional materials will be provided to texture any paint and prepare coloured grounds for working into.

For more information visit: www.francescashakespeare.com

Check out Francesca Shakespeare’s art ideas to keep family and friends busy at home on her Instagram page.