Vanessa Paschakarnis

The Capricorn heads - small goats with large horns - emboy Vanessa Paschakarnis's fascination with domesticated beasts.  "I know  animals and I go out  and  find rocks that look  like these  shapes and then I remake them. It is  the opposite of abstracting a form.”  Vanessa imbues her sculptures  with  primeval energy, distilling the essence of these creatures with a few simple lines. Her moth sculptures, part of her ‘Winged Beings’ series, invite  us  to experience the world like a winged creature – without boundaries, defying the gravitational forces, while being grounded and firmly rooted. 

Vanessa was born in Germany, but now lives and works in Nova Scotia and  Pietrasanta. Vanessa was  twice semi-finalist for the prestigious Canadian Sobeys Art Award. She received  the ‘Best Young Artist Award’ in 2009 from Blickachsen 7, a  sculpture Biennale in  Germany. In 2011 she received the Woman of excellence Award  from the Canadian Progress Club.   Her  work is in public  and private collections including in the National  Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. 

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