Richard Aumonier

Richard Aumonier, on his work Earthly Light:

What is it? Imagine the outcome of a process, rather than a reductive object. Each 30mm or so of each block the interface of 2 calibrated surfaces, more or less accurately ground, honed and bonded. Salvage from skips off the North Circular, bartered treasure from a fantasy bread board market or passed on by the wise. Fragments of precious crust, raw landscapes hewn and sliced. Leucotonalite from New York bonded with gneiss from Iran, sparkling Iberian granites, violet migmatites, dark spangled, spattered gabbros from India and China, G684 Black Rain. Saying it, may help see the solid thing, or through it. Perhaps it’s not there yet this object, as sculptors say.

on form 2010

on form 2006