Peter Randall-Page

Peter Randall-Page’s practice is inspired by the study of natural phenomena and their subjective impact on our emotions. His work is concerned with the underlying principles determining growth and the forms it produces in nature. Peter creates patterns that must adapt to the natural qualities of the stone he works with. Envelope of Pulsation (For Leo), is a tantric aphorism describing form, exploring the way in which subtle modulations of the stone's surface can evoke a sense of internal structure in the imagination of the viewer. The dedication is for Peter's late friend, Leo, who owned the Dartmoor quarry from which the granite came.  

Peter was born in the UK in 1954 and studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Art from 1973-1977. During the past 25 years Peter has gained an international reputation through his sculpture, drawings and prints. His work is held in public and private collections in Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA, Turkey, Eire, Germany and the Netherlands. Peter was a member of the design team for the Education Resource Centre at the Eden Project in Cornwall, influencing the design of the building by incorporating an enormous granite sculpture, Seed, at its heart.  

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