Pam Foley

Pam Foley trained as a potter before moving to the UK to set up a sculpture practice in rural Northamptonshire. As a full-blooded urbanite she has come to appreciate the countryside and often incorporates discarded items (fence posts, rusty roofing staples……) into her work. She is intrigued with the local Hornton stone, with its “iron veins”, and has explored the stone’s subtleties, while at the same time attaching elements made first, for example, in clay and cast in iron resin, to the worked stone.

Themes of mass, gravity and the earth are mixed with those of air, vapours and flight by the use of feathers, threads and even human hair.

Originally from New England, USA, but now living in Oxford, she has taught a variety of 3-D media to adults and children in San Francisco and the Bay Area, and well as in the UK. She has exhibited in the UK, the USA and France.

on form 2006