Halima Cassell

Halima developed her visual language using clay, inspired by architecture and the geometry and pattern found in nature. Over time her practice evolved to encompass other materials, in particular, stone.

Halima was introduced to stone by Peter Randall-Page. In his studio she explored the texture of the material and the hew and heft of stone carving. She consolidated her stone carving skills in Studio Sem in Pietrasanta, Italy. Here she worked mainly with Carrara marble, carving delicate twists and folds creating a sense of weightlessness.

Halima has explored two distinct approaches when working with stone. In the first, she employs the characteristic style for which her work is renowned; strong, simple forms as a canvas for perfect, intricate carved surfaces where she playfully manipulates the planes and facets. In other pieces, she allows the stone to have its own voice, revealing natural fractures and rough surfaces as a counterpoint to her clean planes and crisp carved lines. Exploring more dynamic forms some sculptures lean so spectacularly they seem to defy gravity.

Halima has exhibited widely and has undertaken many public and private commissions and her work can be seen in many museums.


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