Chris Elmer

There’s something magical about sculpting in stone. It’s totally absorbing and fluid - a type of meditation. Tools become a natural extension of the body, and the shape of the form dictates my posture and movement. This is energy that can be seen and felt when moving around a sculpture. The ever-changing appearance of moving contours expresses the essence of that which cannot be described in words.

Based in the Cotswolds, my thirty-year career as a maker and sculptor has led to projects in the UK and abroad. Commissions from private collectors, interior designers and the Victoria & Albert museum have nourished my practical skills and given me a firm grounding from which to develop my current work.

One of the many exciting things about my sculptural explorations is being able to blend so many of my interests. Organic forms, music, harmonics, and repeated patterns all fascinate me and are part of the visual language within each piece.

on form 14

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