sarah smith

Sarah Smith’s sculptures are a meditation on what can lie beneath the surface, both literally and in relation to the human spirit. The rugged and extreme landscape of the Yorkshire Dales is one of the main inspirations for her work.  Limestone and Lichen is a weathered piece of carboniferous limestone formed in tropical seas in the Yorkshire Dales around 300 million years ago. The Ice Age Boulder was buried by ice sheets during the last glaciations between 17,000 and 25,000 years ago; we are the first to experience it since then. A Place of Dreams  was removed from a grade I listed church in North Yorkshire and is a reflective piece on all the people who have walked across the slate into church with their hopes and dreams.  
Sarah was born in 1965 in Yorkshire and studied figurative art for many years, including at The Elizabeth Frink School and a year of stone carving in Northern Italy. In 2005, Sarah returned to live and work in the Yorkshire Dales. Sarah has had extensive private commissions throughout the UK and abroad.  

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