rosie musgrave

Having studied figurative sculpture in clay, wood and stone at Sir John Cass and City & Guilds Art Schools, Rosie left London for Cornwall to work a smallholding and raise her children. Moving to Devon, she worked in complementary health, returning to full-time stone carving sixteen years ago. Rosie’s work is held in public and private collections and she lives and works on Dartmoor. Some of my earliest memories are of being amongst mountains and rocks, of collecting stones in my pockets. I am drawn to the beauty of this ancient material whose qualities of stillness, sensuality and presence continually inspire me.My sculptures exhibited here explore what it means to bring order: the connectedness of patterns and rhythms, light and shadowing, as they play with and describe each stone’s surface. The three WayMarks are designed to express something of the enduring quality of stone – timeless touch-stones to mark the way in a fractured world. The stonecarving/linocut pieces invite reflections between three carved stones and three prints from cut lino: the positive and negative revealing different aspects of the whole.